OUR Translation Methodology & Project Mangement

You are provided with translation services that employ strict quality control methodology to ensure our translations are accurate and true to your original message. We want to provide you with a translation of the meaning you are communicating in your message, not simply the text.

At GCT Taiwan we recognise that you are looking for English Chinese translation that is done on budget, on time, with good quality and at a reasonable price. In Taiwan, our lower overheads allow us to offer you a great price. Of course, a lower pice is by no means everything - price does not guarantee you will return to us for future English Chinese Translation projects. This is why we offer you more then a competitive price...

Translation On Budget & On Time

The nature of your translation project will affect how we develop a quote and project procedure. A basic translation requires little planning but translation of website, software, etc requires a more rigorous approach. We plan out for you in detail how we will handle your project - breaking it down into component parts and quoting for each. We will go over this project specification with you so you will understand how, when and at what price we will proceed. We only begin work once you have understood and signed off on the project specification.

Delivering High Quality Translation

At GCT we have learned that a translation done right the first time saves everyone time and money in the long run. With this in mind we build in the necessary quality processes right into the project specification, so no step goes unchecked.


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