Simplified Mandarin Chinese Translation

Mandarin Chinese is written in two scripts; Traditional and Simplified Mandarin Chinese. In China, the Simplified Mandarin script is used.

Development of the Simplified Mandarin Language

Simplified Mandarin was developed after the nationalist Chinese government left China for Taiwan. One impact this had on both languages is the way they developed independently. Because China decided to close itself off to the world (for ideological reasons), Simplified Chinese developed with it's own vocabulary for items, ideas and so on that were discovered after 1949.

As a general rule of thumb, any concept or invention developed after 1949 has a different word or term to describe it in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Common daily terms like 'software', 'CD' and 'database' are different. It is not unusual for Chinese speakers who use the different Mandarin scripts, when speaking about technical issues, to revert to the English terms.

Additionally, China has changed its ways of phrasing and approaching sentences as part of the normal progression of their Mandarin language.

GCT Simplified Chinese Translation Services

With offices in China as well as Taiwan, we are equipped to help you reach the Simplified Chinese world. Whether you need to translate into or from Simplified Chinese, we can help you with translation services between English and Simplified, or between Traditional and Simplified. If you are looking for translation between Simplified Chinese and another language, please contact us in advance so that we have more time to arrange our relevant translators.

All of our Simplified translation services are available to you for your project requirements. Visit our translation services page to learn more about the website translation, software translation, technical translation, etc. that we can offer you.

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For more on our Simplified Chinese Translation Services...

You can contact us for more information and quoting on your translation project. We are also in the process of creating a new Translation FAQs that is worth reading as your questions may have already been asked and answered.

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