Mandarin Chinese Translation Services

Chinese translation services are what we provide to most clients. This is what most of our clients are looking for when they approach us. Although we do translation in other languages, we are specialized in Mandarin Chinese translation because of our location (Taiwan) and our history of software outsourcing to China.

Mandarin Chinese: The Language

Mandarin Chinese is written in two scripts; Traditional Mandarin Chinese, and Simplified Mandarin Chinese. If you want to communicate to all Chinese speakers then you will require two translations of your project.
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Mandarin Chinese Translation Skills

At GCT we have an extensive amount of experience of translation between English and Mandarin Chinese. This includes both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We use native speakers of the target languages at all times to ensure accurate translations for you.
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Mandarin Chinese Translators at GCT

Any translator we assign to your English Mandarin Chinese translation project will be a native Chinese speaker who is fluent in English. To give you an idea of a typical GCT translator, let us introduce you to...
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You can contact us for more information and quoting on your translation project. We are also in the process of creating a new Translation FAQs that is worth reading as your questions may have already been asked and answered.

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