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Your website is one of your most vital tools in communicating with your international market. Of course your site can only reach potential customers that read the language it is written in. By taking advantage of our website translation services, your website will be able to reach new international markets.

Importance of Chinese Website Translation

Your website is often your only means of interesting people in your business across the globe. For this reason alone, YOU should be making the effort to communicate with them in THEIR language, not the other way round.

Below are two significant reasons why your English to Chinese website translation is a highly beneficial way to establish business with the Chinese speaking markets:

  • there are more than 60 million internet users in China
    Of course people in China aren't the only people online whose native language is Chinese. Add Taiwan (7 million), Hong Kong (5 million), Singapore (3 million), and overseas Chinese speakers and the number increases significantly. There is a total world internet population of over 650 million. So Chinese speakers amount to over 11%. (these numbers are approximate)

  • a Chinese visitor to your website is 4 times more likely to buy from you
    In Chinese society, trust is large part of a business sale. If you have used Chinese website translation, you have a much higher chance of generating business than someone who hasn't.

We also offer website translation services in other languages. Check our translation languages section and be sure to contact us about your requirements.

Translating your website into Chinese

Our Chinese website translation process is not to simply translate your content from English (or other language) to Chinese, there is a lot more involved.

Your website and everything about it needs to go through a Chinese translation process that works on content, linking, images, navigation, programming, etc. This only covers the technical translation. It is also important that the finished Chinese website meets all cultural as well as grammatical requirements. This entire process is not known so much as website translation, but website localization.

We are armed with the technical and cultural knowledge that enables us to provide you with a website translation to introduce your business to the Chinese speaking (and other) marketplaces.

For more of an idea of our technical abilities, check our skill set.

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Questions about our Chinese Website Translation Services...

If you have any questions about our services or skills that aren't answered on our site, please contact us and we will help you any way we can. You can also contact us for quotes and information on how our services can help your business.
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