importance of Chinese search engine optimization (Part 2)

- by Adam Zahler

Does My Website Need Chinese Search Engine Optimization?

The simple answer is "Most Definitely!!"

Of course you need a little more explanation than that. You've had your English website professionally translated into Chinese and now you are ready to reap the benefits of being able to communicate with the Chinese speaking world. Just one problem - no one in the Chinese speaking world knows about your existence.

There are a number of ways that you can reach your new market place and the most effective is through the Chinese search engines.

With professional Chinese search engine optimization, your site will be found in high positions for Chinese keyworded searches. The price to get your site positioned in the Chinese search engines is extremely low when you consider the amount of targeted exposure your business will achieve. The word 'targeted' is an important word because effective Chinese search engine optimization will bring traffic to your site that is already looking for your business services. In the world of website marketing, this is a great advantage as people are bombarded with spam (no doubt you get spam emails everyday) trying to sell them something they have not even considered. Chinese search engines will bring people to your site who actually require your service or product. As you know, it is far easier for a salesman to sell a product to someone who visits the shop then it is for a salesman that goes door to door. Unless you have offices in countries in all over Asia, the internet is likely to be your only way of reaching your potential Chinese speaking market.

There are a number of Chinese search engines and directories that your website should be found on for the Chinese keywords relevant to your business. These include Chinese versions of Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc., as well as other engines specifically aimed at just Chinese people, including Sohu, Yam, Sina, and others. Although Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engines in the world, it is not the most popular search engine among Chinese internet users.

Now to get high rankings in the Chinese search engines you cannot just submit and forget. Afterall, unless you are fluent in Chinese, you will have great difficulty with this. You need a proffesional Chinese search engine optimization specialist. They will help you with a comprehensive solution that addresses all important factors of a successful optimization campaign.

So a skilled Chinese search engine optimization professional is vital to the success of your website in the online Chinese market place.

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