Translation Services at GCT

Our translation services are built on our experience not only in Chinese translation but also software and website development. As described on our GCT history page, our roots are in software development and internet solutions. Combined with our translation skills, translation in different mediums comes naturally to us. We are able to provide you with translation services and solutions to meet your needs.

Website Translation Services

Your website is one of your most vital tools in communicating with your international market. Of course your site can only reach potential customers that read the language it is written in. By taking advantage of our website translation services, your website will be able to reach new international markets.
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Document Translation Services - Basic and Technical

Our clients have approached us with many diverse document translation projects that cover a variety of subjects. Our translation services will provide you with solutions for your requirements whether you just need basic document translation or a more technical translation.
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Software Translation Services

Software translation is rather different from document or even website translation - there is a lot more involved. Our software translation services bring together our professional team of Chinese translators and our software development specialists. The result is a software interface that is grammatically, technically, culturally, and politically accurate.
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Audio Translation Services

In the past we have provided audio translation services for clients. These projects were part of software translation solutions. Although we do not specialize in audio translation, we are able to use the services of professional speakers for the projects.
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Our Translation Services Skill Set

With our history in software development we have access to an extensive skill set to help you with almost any translation project you come to us with.
» our translation skill set

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Questions about our Translation Services...

If you have any questions about our services or skills that aren't answered on our site, please contact us and we will help you any way we can. You can also contact us for quotes and information on how our services can help your business.
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