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At GCT we provide you with Chinese translation services covering a large variety of different projects. We want to offer you the versatility that ensures your business can benefit from the best translation services. Whether you need our services for translation of your website, software, documents, etc., we have solutions to your projects.
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Chinese translations we carry out for you will be of a quality that has kept clients before you coming back to us time and time again. You can be sure that our Chinese translations will more than satisfy your needs. We have translators for both forms of Mandarin Chinese, Traditional and Simplified, that will help your business reach the Chinese speaking world.
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GCT Chinese translators are all native Chinese speakers fluent in English. All of our translators have experience in a range of subject areas. No matter whether you require translation of technical manuals, articles, etc., our translators are equipped to cater to your needs.
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Translation in Other Languages

Although, most of our clients come to us for English-Mandarin Chinese translation, we do translation into other Asian and European languages. We are able to offer most of the translation services we offer for Chinese in these other languages. Many clients see the importance of translating into multiple languages to increase the number of people they can reach.
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About GCT Chinese Translation

GCT Chinese Translation is part of the GCT group and employs measures all other GCT branches use to ensure services are of the highest quality. Our history in software development for both English and Chinese created a natural range of services we now offer to clients interested in translation of all sorts, not just software.
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Other GCT Services

GCT isn't just limited to translation, we also provide various other services that can be provided separately or as combination packages for complete business solutions.
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